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UEFA Champions League &
UEFA Europa League Sleeve Patches

Everything you need to know...

Standard Competition Patches

UEFA Champions League Starball Patch

Worn by all teams participating in the UEFA Champions League, except the current holders. (Right sleeve)

UEFA Europa League Starball Patch

Worn by all teams participating in the UEFA Europa League, except the current holders. (Right sleeve)

UEFA Respect Patch

Worn by all teams participating in UEFA competitions. (Left sleeve)

UEFA Champions League Badges of Honour

The Badge of Honour is bestowed upon only the top European clubs and is worn on the left sleeve above the Respect patch.

The number represents total competition wins, and the badge is awarded after a team achieves one of the below requirements:

- Awarded after winning the trophy for THREE consecutive years
- Awarded after the team's FIFTH trophy win

The criteria also take into account European Cup victories from 1955+.

Badge of Honour 4

Worn by Ajax

Badge of Honour 5

Worn by Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool

Badge of Honour 7

Worn by AC Milan

Badge of Honour 13

Worn by Real Madrid

Winners Patches

The Winners Patches take the place of the standard competition patches and are worn on the right sleeve. 

UEFA Champions League Winners Patch 2018

Worn by Real Madrid

UEFA Europa League Winners Patch 2018*

Worn by Atlético Madrid


*This version is worn by the current UEFA Europa League winners (Atlético Madrid) for UEFA Champions League games. Should holders drop into UEFA Europa League knockout stage for failing to advance from UEFA Champions League group stage, the Europa League winners patch will be worn.

UEFA Sleeve Patches Now Available To ALL Authorised Retailers Globally

Sporting iD is delighted to announce that, as of July 1st, all authorised retailers will be able to sell UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League sleeve patch products.

To give adequate time to prepare for what, to many, is a completely new market, UEFA sleeve patches are now available to pre-order with us online. However, it must be reiterated that they MUST NOT BE SOLD to customers before July 1st, unless you’re already able to do so under the current ruling.

The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League are the most prestigious club competitions in the world, with the UCL Starball patch being perhaps one of the most widely recognised symbols in football.

Over the coming months, we will be working to ensure that fans from every corner of the globe will be in a position to have these prestigious products applied to their favourite team’s official replica jersey.

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Marketing Support Available from Sporting iD:

  • UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League-focused POS marketing material: Team-specific versions are also available to enhance fan demand
  • UEFA Sleeve-patch POS product display unit: To allow retailers to display products in-store - designs will be ready to share soon
  • Sleeve-patch application guides: To ensure that badge application is consistent and correct
  • Team information guide: To ensure that the correct sleeve patch products are applied to the correct teams
  • Translations of these materials are also available on request
  • For more information on the marketing support available, please email