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About us

Sporting iD is a dedicated creator and supplier of player identification names, numbers, and sleeve badges, with global distribution to clubs, brands, leagues, and nations. The sport that we all know and love just wouldn’t be the same without Sporting iD’s products:

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Proud Premier League Affiliation

Our association with the Premier League commenced in 1993 when all original member clubs were first equipped with officially-licensed sleeve badges, and Sporting iD supplied those products exclusively.

At the start of the 1997/98 Premier League season, the standardised style of player name and number identification was introduced under license, a style which has since undergone numerous evolutions to help establish the Premier League as a globally recognised brand.

We’re proud to be part of that evolution.

Sporting iD has a vision to unite those passionately connected to football, and through its retail distribution network, it offers an extensive product portfolio to continually match the global demand for authentic replica kit application.

Part of the ITW Family

As part of the ITW family, we have a robust manufacturing supply chain – people with inside knowledge on industrial application, global distribution directly to kit manufacturers, sports clubs, and retailers.